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I cannot express how obsessed I am with Erlea’s luxurious shimmer oil, it truly is luxurious with its quality and ingredients. I recently moved to a new country and my skin felt so dry the first month but this oil literally brought hydration and moisture back into my skin, and the shine it unreal. I’ve tried a few popular oils but nothing beats yours, definitely a product I’ll purchase again and again 🫶🏼 btw, I’ve received so many compliments because of the scent🤭💓 Xoxo


We know what you want

You are ready to invest in your beauty and health, but sometimes can't find your perfect match; products that will enhance your natural beauty and give you an advanced treatment.

We know your pain. We've gone through it for a while, too. And out from that struggle to extract the best care from natural resources, we've given birth to Erlea, a line of natural care that hears you and knows that you want the best for yourself.

We did what you wanted

We've dug deep to where we were sure to find the answer; Nature. It grants us absolutely anything we need to be healthy and beautiful, so we just need to look closer and carefully extract it.  We accented on natural ingredients from concept creation to final product delivery. 

Erlea’s unique recipes are derived from ancient manuscripts when people lived in Nature and had no other resources besides it. We apply modern science to turn the gifts of Nature into affordable care products and change your vision about beauty and self-care.  Each piece of Erlea's collection is meant to transfer you to the best form of self-care with potent natural ingredients. Using our sustainable beauty products is a way to express a Love for Yourself and Nature. Before we introduced our organic line to you, it underwent experiments in France, Belgium, and Armenia. Each and every product created by us is a whole new story. FIND YOURS NOW!



Indulge your senses with the captivating essence of our natural fragrances, crafted from the finest botanical extracts and essential oils.



Quality is not just a promise but a guarantee. We strive to surpass expectations, offering you more than just products – a truly elevated self-care journey.



Kindness in action. We embrace a Cruelty-free lifestyle.



Our products are formulated without GMOs, parabens, dairy products, dyes and other harmful chemicals.


Natural & sustainable

Carefully formulated with pure natural ingredients to nourish and pamper your body and mind. Sustainable solutions for a Better World.

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